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Welcome to the Center for Pediatric Psychology

The mission of the Center for Pediatric Psychology is to engage in cutting-edge scientific discovery related to all aspects of children’s health, as well as their families, and to foster integrated research, training, and clinical service delivery.

Welcome to the Center for Pediatric Psychology

The field of Pediatric Psychology is devoted to the fostering of children’s health through interdisciplinary prevention and intervention. With over 20 million children in the US living with a chronic health condition (e.g., type 1 diabetes, cancer, cystic fibrosis, epilepsy, asthma, obesity), pediatric psychology seeks to understand those factors that place youth with an illness and their families at risk for further negative health outcomes.

Our Goals

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Provide the infrastructure for ongoing research projects and educational endeavors that seek to promote family health and improve the quality of life for children with health conditions and their families in Oklahoma and throughout the US.

Facilitate the securing of federal, state, and private support for such research endeavors through grant submissions.

Promote interdisciplinary research efforts between departments on the OSU campus who share similar goals, as well as to promote multi-site collaborations across the US.

Engage in community education events to provide Oklahomans with resources about
health-promoting behaviors and strategies for improving quality of life among children
with medical conditions.

Train and graduate exceptionally well-trained, research-focused pediatric psychologists who will secure academic positions around the country and train future generations of pediatric psychologists.

Create opportunities for clinical practicum training opportunities across the state of Oklahoma.

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